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What to do on Koh Kood

Shivoham Yoga Center -

Shivoham Yoga Center

Shivoham Yoga Center is the first and only place on Koh Kood dedicated to yoga. Mr. Gagan … »

Bang Boa Bay | Destination Koh Kood

Bang Bao Bay

Bang Bao Bay (Ao Bang Bao) or Haad Bang Bao is a beautiful well-known area on Koh Kood which … »

Klong Chao Beach

Klong Chao Beach

Klong Chao Beach or Hat Khlong Chao is a beautiful beach with a central location. It’s … »

Ao Phrao Beach -

Ao Phrao Beach

Almost 1000 meters of white sand make Ao Prao Beach or Haad Ao Phrao one of the longest … »

Meow Massage -

Meow Massage

Meow Massage has been on Koh Kood for more than 13 years already. People who enjoy a massage … »

Sai Daeng Beach -

Sai Daeng Beach

Sai Daeng Beach or Haad Sai Deng can be found along the central West coast of Koh Kood and … »

The Old Trees -

The Old Trees

The unspoilt rainforest of Koh Kood is home to many ancient trees but two of them have … »

Ao Tapao Beach -

Ao Tapao Beach

The longest beach on Koh Kood is Ao Tapao Beach (also spelled as Haad Tapaw & Aw Taphoa) … »

ngamkho bay

Ngamkho Bay

Ngamkho Bay (Ao Ngam Kho) is located along the central Western coastline of Koh Kood … »

Takean Beach Koh Kood - Destination Koh Kood

Takean Beach

Takean Beach or Haad Takian is located in the South West of Koh Kood. Some maps and signs … »

Ao Noi Beach -

Ao Noi Beach

Ao Noi Beach or Hat Aow Noi is a beautiful beach of only 200 meters along the central West … »

khlong hin beach

Khlong Hin Beach

Ao Khlong Hin is in the beautiful South of Koh Kood with a pristine beach of about 400 meters … »

Ao Jark Beach -

Ao Jark Beach

Ao Yark or Hat Ao Jak is a remote and pristine bay in the South of Koh Kood. If you’re … »