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The Old Trees -

The Old Trees

The unspoilt rainforest of Koh Kood is home to many ancient trees but two of them have become quite famous. They’re referred to as Makka Tree, The Big Tree, Sai Yai, Giant Tree, Makayuk, Macca Tree, Chaieak and Great Banyan Tree. Makka Tree is the most common name which is used for the majority of tourist maps.

Some say the trees are 500 years old, some say 200 years. We don’t know. They’re old, beautiful and impressive. Certainly worth a visit.

Since 2012 a graveled road with signs leads to the trees. This road also goes to The Secret Waterfall which is not so secret anymore. To get there just follow the Makayuk-Saiyai signs on the road from Hin Dam village to Ao Salat, please see the pictures below.

Bring enough drinks as the location is quite far from everything. No shops and no phone signal, only lush rain forest!

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