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khlong hin beach

Khlong Hin Beach

Ao Khlong Hin is in the beautiful South of Koh Kood with a pristine beach of about 400 meters long. The entire Khlong Hin area is very pure & untouched and even a bit rough. Although this location is remote it’s quite easy to get there by motorbike. A small but paved road connects Ao […]

Ao Jark Beach -

Ao Jark Beach

Ao Yark or Hat Ao Jak is a remote and pristine bay in the South of Koh Kood. If you’re looking for bounty paradise this is certainly one of the beaches not to miss. There’s only one resort (with a beach bar) on this 500 meters long beach. The Neverland Beach Resort, which is popular among […]

Khlong Hin Beach Resort -

Khlong Hin Beach Resort

Khlong Hin Beach Resort is located at beautiful Khlong Hin Beach. The former name of this resort is Koh Kood Lagoona or Laguna. The resort caters mainly to Russian day trip visitors. They arrive from Pattaya by organized tour and usually only stay one or two nights for a bit of snorkeling, a visit to […]

Ao Phrao Beach Resort -

Ao Phrao Beach Resort

Ao Phrao Beach Resort is located in the most Southern bay of Koh Kood where the surroundings are very untouched. More than 900 meters of sand make Ao Phrao Beach one of the longest beaches on the island. The bay is surrounded by hundreds of tall coconut trees in a large plantation that is bordered by […]

Koh Kood Island Resort -

Koh Kood Island Resort

Koh Kood Island Resort is remotely located at Ao Yai Kerd Beach in the North-East of the island. This area is only accessible by boat which makes it quite a unique place. The bay is also referred to as Ao Yai Koet and is close to Ao Salad fishing village where the Koh Kood Princess ferry is based. […]

Pa Hin Sai Resort -

Pa Hin Sai

Pa Hin Sai (Forest of Rocks and Sand) can be found in the untouched South of Koh Kood where a short and easy to follow partially paved road connects them to the main road ensuring a tranquil but not too isolated location for this easy-going backpackers place. In the Western corner of Takean Beach Pa Hin Sai offers […]

Neverland Beach Resort -

Neverland Beach Resort

As only accommodation on white sand Ao Jark Beach Neverland Beach Resort offers quite an amazing location to relax and unwind. Ao Jark Bay is quite an isolated area consisting of coconut plantations in between two rivers and Neverland Beach Resort in the middle. Neverland Resort caters mainly to Russian & Thai package tours but other nationalities are […]

Happy Days Guest House -

Happy Days Guest House

Happy Days Guest House and Paradise Divers share the same location right behind beautiful Ngamkho Bay along the main road next to Koh Kood Post Office. The guesthouse consists of fan rooms and a few bungalows surrounded by mangroves. The beach in front of S-Beach Resort is only one minute walking from here. This place is perfect for people who […]

Rung Aroeng -

Rung Aroeng

Rung Aroeng or Roong Arung is in the beautiful South of Koh Kood along the main road where it offers tranquility surrounded by nature. It’s an easy-going homestay offering a garden with basic fan bungalows. All rooms have their own private bathroom (cold shower) with open roof and guests are welcomed to set up their […]