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Sabaidee Massage -

Sabaidee Massage

Sabaidee Massage is the newest massage shop on Koh Kood. The shop is next to Eve House along the quiet main road that runs through the beautiful South of the island. Sabaidee Massage has only recently opened (low season 2015) so we’ll add more photos later!

Chiang Mai Restaurant -

Chiang Mai Restaurant

Chiang Mai Restaurant is located along the main road in Ban Bang Bao a few meters before the exit to Bang Bao Bay. This restaurant is known for the wide selection of seafood dishes that are often served in large portions. The prices are below average for Koh Kood. Chiang Mai is an open-air restaurant […]

Captain Shop -

Captain Shop

Captain Shop, the shop of Gag & Mali has changed location in 2014. They’re now more to the North of the island along the main road between Pizza & Pasta Restaurant and the exit for Ao Noi Resort. The shop was named after their oldest son. Their previous location was in Ngamkho Bay (behind Ngamkho Resort) […]

Bartist - Destination Koh Kood


Bartist is located along the main road in the back of Klong Chao area, in front of PD Guest House & Mata Guest House and on the way to Klong Chao Waterfall. It’s one of the most popular places to have a drink at night on Koh Kood. Besides travelers and tourists, many residents of Koh Kood also […]

Ngamkho Resort -

Ngamkho Resort

Ngamkho Resort is a peaceful beachfront accommodation situated in the Southern corner of Ngamkho Bay. It’s one of the few low budget places with direct beach access. The restaurant receives very good reviews. Near the entrance along the main road they also run a small coffee shop. Ngamkho Resort consists of basic bamboo bungalows with private […]

ngamkho bay

Ngamkho Bay

Ngamkho Bay (Ao Ngam Kho) is located along the central Western coastline of Koh Kood where the water is calm and crystal clear like in most bays. The beaches and accommodations can be reached easily by motorbike as the main road to the South of Koh Kood passes along the coastline here. From North to […]

Bang Bao Home -

Bang Bao Home

Bang Bao Home is located at Bang Bao junction along the main road in the South-West of Koh Kood, opposite Baan Suan Homestay & Coffee. A welcome addition to an area where there aren’t many other eateries. The restaurant is a popular place to eat out for people who stay at one of the resorts […]

Sunset Bar Koh Kood - Destination Koh Kood

Sunset Bar

Sunset Bar is located along the main road that goes through the central Klong Chao area. It’s one of the few real bars on Koh Kood that is usually open till late. After the wooden pier entrance there’s a spacious terrace on stilts in the Khlong Chao River with sea view. Every day is different in […]

Ao Yai Viewpoint -

Ao Yai Viewpoint

Ao Yai Viewpoint along the main road towards the East Coast of Koh Kood offers beautiful views of the bay where Ban Ao Yai is located. The hilly road leading to the viewpoint is an attraction on its own with wide views while crossing impressive ancient rain forest. The viewpoint offers a nice stop in the […]

108 Shop -

108 Shop

108 Shop (Roi Pet Shop in Thai) is located along the main road opposite Koh Kood Hospital in Klong Hin Dam village. It’s quite a big shop with a large assortment of toiletries, drinks, snacks, wine and liquor but also products that you won’t find in other shops like pastries, office equipment, phone / sim cards, […]

Cozy House -

Cozy House

Cozy House is located along Klong Chao River where it offers garden bungalows (with fan and/or air-conditioning) and guest house rooms next to the river. It’s one of the cheapest places to stay on Koh Kood and only 10 minutes walking to beautiful Klong Chao Beach and many other places like small shops and restaurants in the lively […]


Pong’s Sea Food

Pong’s Sea Food, the local style restaurant of Ms. Pong is located along the main road in Ban Bang Bao. Heading South, the restaurant is approximately two hundred meters after passing Chiang Mai Restaurant, Jimmy Hut & Baan Suan Homestay & Coffee at Bang Bao junction. The restaurant is not open every day which is quite normal […]

Takean Beach Koh Kood - Destination Koh Kood

Takean Beach

Takean Beach or Haad Takian is located in the South West of Koh Kood. Some maps and signs spell it as Ao Takien or Hat Thakian. It’s almost 1200 meters long but the most Western part is separated from the main beach by rocks. The length of the central beach is roughly 750 meters. The […]

Hin Suay -

Hin Suay

Hin Suay is a nice little bar and ice cream shop (home made) in the Klong Chao area. It’s run by a friendly young Thai family. Many people stop over for a snack but also at night this place is known for its cozy atmosphere with nice music and great food. Better pictures will follow […]

Ao Noi Beach -

Ao Noi Beach

Ao Noi Beach or Hat Aow Noi is a beautiful beach of only 200 meters along the central West coast of Koh Kood. This beach truly is a small piece of paradise! The white sand is fine and powdery and during high tide there’s still a small strip left. The water is very clear and […]

Koh Kood Pharmacy - Destination Koh Kood

Koh Kood Pharmacy

Apart from the pharmacy at Koh Kood Hospital there is one other drug store on Koh Kood. Koh Kood Pharmacy is located along the main road in the center of the island almost next to Pizza & Pasta. The pharmacy is open all year but the opening times tend to change quite often depending on how […]

ATM on Koh Kood -

ATM Koh Kood

Since 2015 there is a small bank with ATM on Koh Kood. The 24h operating ATM can be found along the main road opposite the Ko Kut District Office very close to Koh Kood Hospital and the soccer field. Next to the bank is a small square with eateries. The pictures below were taken in […]

Post Office Koh Kood -

Post Office Koh Kood

Many people don’t know but Koh Kood does have a Post Office. It is not only a post office but also a shop (Na Na Shop) with quite a large assortment. The shop is a bit hidden in a corner next to Paradise Divers and Happy Days Guest House. They do have a selection of […]

Guy Restaurant -

Guy Restaurant

Guy Restaurant is located on top of a hill next to the main road that leads through Ngamkho Bay. The restaurant is open all year and run by a friendly Thai family. The former name is Zanzibar Restaurant. There are quite some places to stay around Guy Restaurant and with limited options to eat out this restaurant is […]

B&B Coffee House -

B&B Coffee House

B&B Coffee House is a small but popular coffee shop in the fishing village Khlong Mat. Besides enjoying good coffee & cocktails this is a nice place to see more of the local way of life in a fishing community. The friendly & helpful Miss Ning runs the shop and she speaks good English. Boat […]