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ngamkho bay

Ngamkho Bay

Ngamkho Bay (Ao Ngam Kho) is located along the central Western coastline of Koh Kood where the water is calm and crystal clear like in most bays.

The beaches and accommodations can be reached easily by motorbike as the main road to the South of Koh Kood passes along the coastline here. From North to South along this road are Happy Days Guest House & Paradise Divers, S-Beach ResortChaiyo Restaurant, Far East Restaurant (and right behind it Far East Resort), Dusita Koh Kood, a small fruit market, Ngamkho ResortGuy Restaurant and most Southern on the headland are Horizon Resort and A-Na-Lay Resort.

Drinks, meals or perhaps a massage can be enjoyed at one of the resorts.

Most Northern in the bay is S-Beach Resort with a beach bar on a very nice beach of about 175 meters which isn’t shared with any other accommodation. A perfect place to watch the sunset and unlike the other part of Namkho Bay the beach doesn’t disappear there at high tide.

The Southern part of the bay has a beach of about 450 meters long which can roughly be divided into three segments. The first part is beautiful and abandoned most of the time. The sand is white and powdery and bordered by a large coconut plantation. The plantation is private property and crossing it is not appreciated. The section in front of Dusita Koh Kood and Ngamkho Resort is rocky especially in front of Ngamkho Resort which is in the furthest corner of the bay. The beach can be accessed through the back of Dusita Resort or Namkho Resort. From there a stairway leads up the rocks to Horizon Resort with its amazing sea views.

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