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Khao Rearub -

Khao Rearub

Khao Rearub (Battleship Mountain) is located inland behind Ngamkho Bay. It’s part of a nature trekking trail between Klong Chao and Ngamkho Bay. Most signs say Khao Rearub but other ways of spelling are Khao Ruea Rop or even Khoa RerRob.

Just follow the signs to get there. After passing Far East Resort the road crosses rubber tree plantations for a few hundred meters. The other entry (from Klong Chao) can be found next to PD Guest House and Mata Guest House.

The path is easy to follow and shows many old trees with signs indicating the Latin names. The highlight is Khao Ruearab which is a remarkable shaped rock formation. According to many Thai people it resembles a war ship or navy vessel and is considered a sacred place.

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