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Food and beverage on Koh Kood

Masala Haat -

Masala Haat

Masala Haat is the newest restaurant in Klong Chao village on Koh Kood that opened in … »

View Point Café - Destination Koh Kood

View Point Café

A stay on Koh Kood without a visit to View Point Café is not complete!

In November 2012 … »

Lomyen Seafood -

Lomyen Seafood

Lomyen Seafood is a local style restaurant along the main road in the South of Koh Kood … »

TanYong BBQ -

TanYong BBQ

TanYong BBQ is a small roadside restaurant between Klong Chao and Ngamkho Bay next to … »

Katen Sea Food - Destination Koh Kood

Pa Yoi Sea Food

Pa Yoi Sea Food is a local style restaurant along the main road through Hin Dam area, … »

Nine Shop -

Nine Shop

Nine Shop is conveniently located in the central Klong Chao area along the main road. … »

Phonthip Pizza -

Phonthip Pizza

Phonthip Pizza is well-known on Koh Kood for their home-made Western dishes like schnitzels, … »

Kep's Shop -

Kep’s Shop

Kep’s Shop or Glab’s Shop is along the main road that goes through the central … »

Tawan Eco Bar -

Tawan Eco Bar

Tawan Eco Bar is a lovely small hillside bar in Ban Klong Chao. Definitely one of the places … »