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Bangkok Airways (Trat)

Trat Airport must be one of the cutest airports ever with its green elephants greeting travelers and electric buggies to bring people to the open-air arrival hall. It was built in 2002 by Bangkok Airways who offers three daily flights between Bangkok International Airport Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Trat (TDX). Bangkok Airways is the only airline operating flights to Trat Airport. The flight takes 1 hour and a snack is provided.

Located in the vicinity of Laem Ngob where the ferries for Koh Chang leave, Trat Airport mainly serves as a hub for Koh Chang but it also links the growing economical center of Chanthaburi, Trat and the Thai-Cambodian trading industry with Bangkok.

Flying can be a nice hassle-free option if you want to combine your trip to or from Koh Kood with other destinations like Chiang Mai, Sukothai, Krabi, Phuket, Koh Samui or Siem Reap via Bangkok Suvarnabumi, saving you a 4 to 5 hour trip by road between Bangkok and Trat.

Minivans to Trat City (60 minutes) are available upon arrival, from where another (Songthaew) taxi is needed to get to Laem Sok boat pier (40 minutes) where the boats for Koh Kood depart.

Going to Koh Kood and traveling via Trat City to Laem Sok is only interesting if you arrive with the morning flight, as the last boat to Koh Kood departs at 2pm from Laem Sok. A private transfer is recommended in case you would like to go directly to Laem Sok from Trat Airport (about 1 hour). Traveling to Koh Kood and arriving with the afternoon or evening flight, we recommend you to spend the night in Trat or in Laem Sok and book a boat ticket for the next morning, unless you book a private speedboat of course.

Please see Boat to Koh Kood for an overview of the boats to and from Koh Kood.

Please note that if you’re traveling in the opposite direction, from Koh Kood to Trat Airport, the taxis in Laem Sok only go to Trat City. None of the regular boats will get you to the morning flight in time, only a private speedboat. The public ferries and speedboats from Koh Kood arrive at Laem Sok around 11.15am earliest. Taking the free boat taxi to Trat City and then a taxi to the airport is very sharp for the afternoon flight, we recommend a private transfer from Laem Sok directly to the airport and then there still shouldn’t be any delay.

Tickets for Bangkok <-> Trat can easily be booked on-line at Bangkok Airways.

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