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Bang Boa Bay | Destination Koh Kood

Bang Bao Bay

Bang Bao Bay (Ao Bang Bao) or Haad Bang Bao is a beautiful well-known area on Koh Kood which is located in the South West of the island and easy to reach by motorbike.

Along the main road next to Baan Suan Homestay & Coffee and opposite Chiang Mai RestaurantJimmy Hut & Bang Bao Home is Ban Bang Bao intersection. On the same hill and parallel to the concrete exit is another road leading to the bay but this is a forest trail. This bumpy path leads to the back entrance of three resorts: Koh Kood Resort, The Beach Natural Resort and To The Sea Resort. The main concrete exit leads to Siam Beach Resort where motorbikes can be parked. Holiday Cottage Koh Kood and Koh Kood Resort & Spa are former names of Koh Kood Resort.

Hat Bangbao is a great spot for snorkeling, the water is crystal clear with beautiful turquoise colors. The bay is quite safe for children to swim with its gradually descending waters, no rocks and a calm sea.

The Southern headland is home to Koh Kood Divers and Sand and Sea. They’re connected to Bang Bao Beach by a wooden bridge that crosses a beautiful small estuary which is surrounded by mangrove forest.

On the main beach of almost 450 meters long are Siam HutBB Divers and Siam Beach Resort. The sand is white and powdery and the beach never really gets crowded as there are only two accommodations. Siam Beach Resort & Siam Hut are one of the few places on Koh Kood with affordable bungalows on the beach. From Siam Beach Resort there’s an easy to follow path to To The Sea Resort, The Beach Natural Resort and Koh Kood Resort. The path is marked with a rope.

At high tide there’s still a small strip of beach left.

The Beach Natural Resort and Koh Kood Resort in the North are connected by a small beach and both resorts have created their own private & spacious sun terraces. Both offer many activities and are popular among families with (little) children and couples.

All hotels here can be visited for something to eat or drink, a massage or kayaks & snorkeling sets to rent.

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