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Questions Koh Kood – Frequently Asked Questions

About Koh Kood

How do I get to Koh Kood?

We are not a travel guide but we did make an overview of the boat services that we are sure of. They have been offering a steady daily connection from Laem Sok to Koh Kood for many years now. Please see Boat to Koh Kood. There are more ways to get here. Many resorts have their own speedboat for example but the timetables change so often that we have decided not to display them.

For private transfers by road we work together with a reliable partner on Koh Chang who has many years of experience. Please see private transfers.

Private speedboat transfers can be booked with us, also if you have not booked accommodation through our website.

General info about Koh Kood

Koh Kood (which is also spelled as Ko Kut, Ko Kood, Koh Koot or Ko Kud), is the fourth largest island of Thailand with a population of about 2000 inhabitants. The island is about 25 kms long and 12 kms wide and covers approximately 105 square kilometers of unspoiled jungle and wildlife, coconut trees, waterfalls, small streams, rubber plantations, small villages, white sand beaches and stunning bays.

The residents of Koh Kood used to live mainly of coconut plantation, rubber production and of course fishery. But as the tourism industry is slowly expanding this gives more and more work to the people of Koh Kood.

What you will not find on Koh Kood

No heavy traffic, no 7/11 stores, no gogo bars, no pollution and no mass tourism. Visitors are strongly advised to bring enough cash as there is only 1 ATM on the island (next to Koh Kood Hospital). Some resorts offer cash withdrawal possibilities by credit card, but one should expect a considerable commission.

To see a list of places that offer withdrawal by credit card please click here.

To see a list of places that accept payments by credit card please click here.

What you will find on Koh Kood

Koh Kood can offer you the perfect place for a relaxing holiday and that’s what attracts most visitors.

There are many places to stay, from low-budget to exclusive five star luxury resorts.

You can expect beautiful scenery, a very relaxing atmosphere, fresh sea food everywhere, all the rest that you may require and for the activity seekers there are all kinds of things to do such as diving, jungle trekking, kayaking, snorkelling and cycling. We especially recommend renting a motorbike in order to explore the island yourself! Although there isn’t a big party scene, there are a few very nice bars where you can enjoy cocktails and (live) music until late.

Families with young children also like Koh Kood. There are many beaches and some resorts have swimming pools. Your kids will love a trip to the waterfall and driving around with their parents on motorbikes! Like in most places in Thailand, the Thai people will treat your children as one of their own.

What is the best time to visit Koh Kood and can we visit the island in low season?

The best time of year to visit Koh Kood is from late October until the end of February because of its relatively cool, dry and sunny weather. From March until the end of May, when it is hotter than during the cool season, a visit is still worth while and convenient. Even during the monsoon season, from June until September, Koh Kood is worth paying a visit for it doesn’t rain every day and all day long, however some services may be limited. You will get to see Koh Kood in its most pure form.

Some websites say that Koh Kood is “closed” during the rainy season. This is not true, about half of the resorts stay open with sometimes limited facilities though. Many accommodations use the rainy season to prepare for the upcoming tourist season and complete renovations while it’s quiet.

Speedboat companies pause their operations but the ferries remain available. Some restaurants and small shops will close.

Please click here to see a list of all places that remain open in low season.

Average temperatures on Koh Kood are around 28 °C (82 °F) between October and February, and 30 °C (86 °F) between March and May.

Our tips for your stay on Koh Kood

– There is only 1 ATM on Koh Kood, please click here. Therefore, we recommend people to bring enough cash. Please click here for a list of places that offer credit card cash withdrawal. Please note that most of them charge a commission of 3 to 5%. There are more resorts that offer this service but only for their own guests. Please click here to see a list of places where payments by credit card are accepted. To see a list of places that offer money exchange, please click here.

– Bring a flashlight! Everyday we see families walking along the road in the dark. The road might be concrete but please bare in mind that you’re basically walking through the jungle.

Are there many Russian tourists on Koh Kood?

Like most tourist destinations Koh Kood receives a growing number of Russian visitors each year. However, the groups that are known for being noisy tend to stay in only a few resorts that cater mainly and some of them exclusively to organized package tours with Russians from Pattaya. To see a list of these places please click here. Most of these resorts are in the South of the island and quite isolated.

Which locations are good for snorkeling?

Please click here to see a list of places that are known to be good snorkeling spots.

Is there Malaria on Koh Kood?

We have never heard of anyone catching Malaria on Koh Kood. For a reliable source of information about Malaria on Koh Chang which is next to Koh Kood, please visit:

What about sandflies on Koh Kood?

Sandflies are tiny dark colored flies with white silvery wings. Their bites can itch a lot for some, far more than mosquito bites and it can last for almost a week usually only starting a few days after being bitten. In many cases people don’t even know where they were bitten or even if it was on Koh Kood and quite some people don’t feel any itching at all. There are sandflies on Koh Kood but fortunately they form less of a problem than on Koh Mak. It’s difficult to say on which beaches they are as this changes every season.

The story of sandflies is rather complex with many factors coming into play such as the season, time of the day, wind, temperature and wind direction but most of all, sandflies tend to “like” some people while leaving other people completely alone.

Some say that there will be less sandflies on developed beaches and in front of resorts where the sand is raked daily which would kill the eggs in the sand because of the exposure to sunlight.

As far as we know using coconut oil on the legs is the best way to avoid bites. Some say that mosquito repellents also work and some say they don’t work at all. We know that clothing does help, unlike mosquitoes sandflies don’t bite through thin trousers.

Effective remedies to relieve the itch are: hydro-cortisone cream, yellow oil, antihistamine tablets and antergan cream. We also hear good things of a local made clay or cream that can be bought at several shops, restaurant and resorts.

Where can I rent a motorbike?

Please click here to see a list of all places that are on our website and rent out motorbikes. Apart from these places there are many small roadside shops where motorbikes can be rented. The average rate is 300 Baht a day and some resorts charge 400 Baht a day.

Is there a Bank / ATM on Koh Kood?

Yes, there is! Only one though, please click here.

About Us

How can we thank you?

We’d feel honored if you leave a review about us on the web so other people can read about our services. Any feedback is welcome by the way, also if you were not satisfied it’s valuable for us to know. Can be done here on our own website or a mention on Tripadvisor if you’re planning to review your accommodation there. We also have a business listing on Google where it’s possible to leave a review, please click here for that. Thank you!

Where is your office?

Our office is located in Bang Bao area but we’re often out. An email or phone call is the fastest and most effective way to contact us.

Who are you?

We are a couple from The Netherlands and we fell in love with Koh Kood in 2005. Since then we have come back year after year and since 2011 we live on Koh Kood during the high season. We see many people driving around with outdated maps and some people still think that resorts on Koh Kood only cater to people who booked package tours. Since November 2012 we provide online booking of accommodation and activities. We have personal contact with every place that is listed on our website. We hope that by helping you planning your trip and providing the right information we can make you just as enthusiastic as we are about this impressive island!


Which accommodations do you recommend and why?

Please click here to see a list of all accommodations we recommend. Often it’s because we think they offer the right combination of price, service and location or in other words the price/quality level. Another reason is that these places have responded well on feedback they got from guests and us also in the case of complaints and cancellations whether it’s a homestay or a five star resort. We try to describe in the text of each accommodation why we recommend it and to who.

I’m looking for a bungalow on the beach

We made a list of all places on Koh Kood with rooms close to or on the beach, please click here to see them.

Accommodation for groups and families

Many families and groups have asked for our help with finding suitable accommodation to stay as it can be quite difficult to find and book these on the web. Of course a lot of resorts offer bungalows for two persons with the option of booking extra beds but space is often limited. Apart from the houses for rent on the island we added a facility to all places that can be booked online with us and have at least one room specifically set up and priced for more than two persons whether it’s a dormitory with mattresses on the floor or a luxurious 2-bedroom suite. To see all of them please click here. With each listing there’s the option to click ‘Book Now’ where room details, prices and pictures can be viewed.


How to book?

1. Go to Book Online, select the item of your choice and fill in your details.

For checking availability and making a reservation we ask a deposit of 400,- Thai Baht. Please check your email regularly for 24 hours after you have made a reservation.

2. We reply within 24 hours.

If your requested item is available, we send the invoice. On the invoice you’ll find a “pay now” button, please use it within 24 hours to pay the remaining balance. Your item is reserved for 24 hours, after that we can’t guarantee availability.

If your item is available and we do not receive your payment within 24 hours the reservation will be cancelled without refunding the deposit.

3. Confirmation

After your payment, we send our confirmation. Your booking is now complete! Please bring the invoice with you and show it during check in.

We can only confirm your booking after full advance payment.

What if my requested item is not available?

We will contact you by email. We can help to find an alternative based on your preferences and budget. Of course you’re entitled to a refund of the deposit.

Is advance booking really necessary?

Being a booking agency this might sound strange but yes we highly recommend you to book accommodation ahead simply because there is not enough accommodation on Koh Kood to cater to all visitors.

The busiest period is late October until late February with a peak during Christmas & New Year’s Eve. Also during Songkran in April (Thai New Year) almost every accommodation is fully booked.

There are quite some Thai holiday weekends that tourists are usually unaware of. Many Thai people will visit the island for a (long) weekend.

Online booking saves you carrying large amounts of cash. There is only 1 ATM on Koh Kood and no bank!

Also, upon arrival you don’t want to spend hours with luggage in the sun looking for a place to stay. Resorts and guest houses are quite spread out and the island is hilly.

Why do I have to pay 4% service charge?

This is what we have to pay for online payment processors like PayPal and international bank transfers. We try to keep this as low as possible. Other booking websites often include this in the (higher) room rate.

Why should I book with you?

It’s your holiday and we’re only happy if you are, this is the main reason we started this website.

We are a small team (Dutch, husband & wife), we handle everything ourselves and visit the resorts in person. In case there is any problem during your stay you can contact us and we can try to help you.

We live on Koh Kood, know all places and can provide you with a custom advice, there is no other booking agency on Koh Kood. It’s in our best interest to advise the most suitable accommodation for you. We’ll tell you if we think Koh Kood isn’t the right place for you. We’ll also tell you if there is a resort which meets your requirements most but with whom we don’t work.

We’re not afraid to tell the truth. Actually, in the past years we’ve learned that the more honest we were to customers the more happy they were with the accommodation they stayed at.

We offer the best price! For more info please see our Best Price Guarantee.

Because we work so closely together with the accommodations here in person we have access to rooms that can not be booked anywhere else, often not even with the resorts own websites. For example, the Bamboo Hut and the Family Island Bungalow at A-Na-Lay Resort.

We offer on-line bookings for almost 50 different accommodations and many of them can’t be booked in advance anywhere else. Also, by providing on-line booking for these accommodations we support local entrepreneurs who can’t afford to join larger booking websites.

Other booking websites often display false information. For example, they say all rooms are booked while in reality there are still 5 rooms available, prices change daily and resort pictures don’t show the resort the way it is. This leads to many problems for visitors and resorts such as “overbooking” and negative experiences due to different expectations and price differences.

Most of the pictures on our website were taken by us.

Why do all rooms & activities on your website have the status available?

We offer on-line booking for more than 40 different accommodations on Koh Kood and it’s impossible for us to keep track of occupancy in all of them, that’s why we will always check availability first.

Why can some resorts not be booked with you?

In general this is because we think the rates are not consistent to the offered standard. Also there are a few places that prefer “walk-in” guests.

Why do you ask 100% advance payment?

This has proven to be the best way for us to really confirm your booking. After transferring your payment and booking to the accommodations here, everybody understands that the room or activity should then be reserved for you. Overbooking is a common practice in the travel world and can ruin your holiday but fortunately we have never experienced it by working like this.

Why do you ask a deposit first?

When people pay a deposit we are a bit more sure that they would actually like to book. Many people have sent us emails in the past asking to check availability in several resorts but we can’t drive around the island all day. Once we have received your deposit we start working for you. If the room is not available we will check other places and help you as much as we can. We can’t do that without knowing if people actually want to book, there would be too many expenses and it would harm our reputation at the resorts.

I would like to book for tomorrow but your system doesn’t allow that

To check if your item is available we ask 24 hours but we usually know it a lot sooner. In some cases however we do need the 24 hours and can therefore not accept bookings for a check-in date within that time-span. Please also take the time difference into account. However, you can always email us if you would like to book for the next day, in most cases we can help 🙂

What if I want to cancel?

The cancellation policy of the concerning resort will be applied. It depends on the situation of course. Our experience is that in most cases we can work something out which is good for you, the resort and us. “No show” customers will not be refunded.

What are your security practices?

Security is our first and foremost consideration. Each transaction in our booking system is locked down with a 256 bit SSL certificate and includes advanced security scanning and firewall. Our connection to Checkfront operates in a segregated database environment and utilizes military grade encryption. The systems are PCI DSS compliant and US/EU Safe Harbor certified. We do not store card-holder data.

Isn’t it cheaper if I book directly with the resort?

Many people think that booking through an agency will result in a higher price. In our case this is not true. We receive a commission over the normal room rate because we bring more guests. We don’t increase the price to make more profit and work with a Best Price Guarantee. Booking with us means that you can safely secure your stay online for walk-in rates.

Which payment options do you offer and can’t I pay in cash at the hotel?

We work together with PayPal and/or all major credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, DinersClub, Discover and JCB. We only work with online advance payments as this is the safest and it enables us to confirm your booking with the accommodation before your arrival. We do not store credit card holder data and we do not accept cash payments on the island.

If I book with you, can I get a discount?

You can always try 🙂 Depending on the accommodation, the period and length of your stay we can see what we can do. Please note that we also work with a Best Price Guarantee.

Online booking in low season

During the low season (April – September) we are not on Koh Kood ourselves but remain available through email every day. There are quite some accommodations that can still be booked with us then but usually it takes longer to check availability in these months as we can not visit the resorts in person and rely on how soon they reply.

In the rainy season we will only work with the places with whom we have a steady and reliable communication in order to arrange your stay there.