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Shantaa Resort - Destination Koh Kood

Shantaa Resort

Shantaa Resort is a unique hotel on Koh Kood and it’s quite difficult for us to describe this… +

Koh Kood Beach Resort - Destination Koh Kood

Koh Kood Beach Resort

Koh Kood Beach Resort is one of those few places on Koh Kood that really offers everything for the … +

GoodView Resort - Destination Koh Kood

Goodview Resort

Goodview Resort Koh Kood is the latest addition to popular Ban Klong Chao, located on the rocks next… +

Horizon Resort - Destination Koh Kood

Horizon Resort

Horizon Resort occupies a unique location in a very natural setting on the Southern headland of … +

Bann Makok - Destination Koh Kood

Bann Makok The Getaway

Bann Makok is a lovely hidden guest house built on poles in a small river and surrounded by mangrove… +

Doy Guest House - Destination Koh Kood

Doy Guest House

This is your place if you would like to experience the local way of life on Koh Kood! Doy Guest House… +

Captain Hook Resort - Destination Koh Kood

Captain Hook Resort

Captain Hook Resort occupies one of the most idyllic locations on Koh Kood. In the North West of the… +

Boat to Koh Kood

To help you plan your trip we made an overview of the several boats to Koh Kood. The companies listed… +

Montana Hut - Destination Koh Kood

Montana Hut

Montana Hut has a unique location on one of the most beautiful spots of Koh Kood, surrounded by nature… +

Koh Kood Princess

Koh Kood Princess

The daily operating Koh Kood Princess brings you from Laem Sok to Ao Salat pier in Koh Kood in 1 hour.… +

Siam Beach Resort

Siam Beach Resort occupies one of the best locations on Koh Kood and is one of the few accommodations… +